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Sugar cakes Co wants to insure your items arrive undamaged. As you are aware cakes and baked goods are soft and fragile, they can be damaged very easily so we recommended our tailored delivery service.
Our drivers are experienced in carrying cakes and baked goods and will insure your item arrives undamaged. If you use our delivery service and your cake is damaged beyond repair we will refund the full costs back to you.
Sugar Cakes Co Deliver all around the Uk & Abroad.
Delivery will be charged depending on the location on a quoted basis.
Once the cake has been delivered & signed for you will be responsible for any damages after this so it is your job to inspect your cake when it arrives.


Sugar Cakes Co allows customers to pick-up there cakes and baked good from our Beckenham Based Cake studio.
This studio is not open to public generally only for collection.
Once the cake has left our studio it is the customers responsibility if it is damaged in transit or otherwise.
Please follows our rules for travelling with fragile cakes.

Rules for travelling with Cakes

Cakes are fragile items. Gravity rules are so important when travelling with them. 
Cakes should not be held or traveled with at an angle
Cakes should be placed in a flat boot NOT on car seats as they are at an angle and will get damaged
Cakes should be held underneath the box close to the body
Cakes need to be kept in a cool dry place not a fridge unless they are fresh cream cakes
Cakes need to be kept on a flat sturdy surface at all times

Refunds & Retrns

Sugar Cakes Co offers a Full Refund on the following
Cakes that have been damaged beyond our repair while in transit with our delivery service
Cakes that have not cooked all the way through  and this is proven
We do not offer Refunds for the following
  • If you decide you do not like the look of your cake without obvious reasons. We make sure all our cakes are the best design and quality. If we feel your reasons are warranted then we will refund a portion or all. But if we feel that it is not we reserve the right to reject a refund.
  • You paid deposit or Full Payment but no longer need the cake - You will be offered a credit note if you gave appropriate notice and we did not start prepping for the cake
  • If you do not like the taste. Even though we pride ourselves of the taste of our cakes, everyone has different palettes. We cannot offer a refund based on a cake that you think is too sweet or to bland or even to moist or dry. We have no complaints regarding the taste of our cakes but we do advise you to visit for a taster or we can send tasters for a small fee of  £10.00
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